Swamp Statue

 photo ED257242-507D-4201-A22F-8A59801A0AD5.jpg
This Swamp Thing Statue from DC Direct/Vertigo was released in 1996. It stands 11″ tall, is cold cast porcelain and was hand-painted.

 photo 20033660-9518-4953-8B15-A379D8B59D3F.jpg
lips are Swampy’s real source of power. Look at those powerful, puckered smackers.

 photo 0033C12E-703A-4CD3-9188-4451CC00D44D.jpg
the detail work is great. I’ve always thought that it must be bitter sweet to work on a character like Swampy. He is amazing so I’m assuming many artists want to work on him but handling the level of detail when drawing him must be a difficult task.

 photo D205761A-BFA7-446E-8BCC-066C760304B9.jpg
The statue is #1,458 of 2,500. It could be 1,453; the last digit was written small and bled into a blob of a number, making it difficult to read. I should dig out the box it came in to verify.

 photo 76021343-37DB-4A6A-B54B-E3849A61D39B.jpg
Cast from William Paquet’s sculpture and based on designs by Michael Zulli.

 photo 3E55875D-2FF2-4ADF-B042-495612AB81D0.jpg

 photo 44F09951-0B04-4AB4-89E2-50E6E29FE47F.jpg

Tuber time!

 photo EE278F66-6010-483E-8A5C-EC184AA4E919.jpg


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