The Saga of the Swamp Thing 4 (series 2)

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 4 (1982)
In the White Room

Last issue, Swamp Thing left behind a flooded town of vampires. Issue four continues the madness as Swamp Thing helps catch a killer.

The whole scene is grim; even the emaciated dog at the top.

8ECF03F5-CFF0-4BC0-88AA-86F307C59B87 (1).JPG
The killer, surrounded by pictures of his victims… and a Swamp Thing poster.

Liz Tremayne is ruthless.

What would a ST comic be without Swamp Thing falling from a vehicle?

C1C1BF34-0BDF-4656-AC7A-DA63F7740855 (2).JPG
I suppose a turnip truck was out of the question.

204B7A63-3578-4557-9DDC-7CD55A6C1FDA (1).JPG
Casey focuses her powers to escape from the children’s home.
Her head looks big In the center panel.

D5DBE351-A55D-43E7-85F8-2209FCF7D3B1 (1).JPG
“You wanted it… Because you wanted me… Inside you!”

Timmy Chung does indeed get hung out to dry.

Stryker is finally apprehended but no one knows he is possessed and that the demon is on the move, looking for another host.

The pretty pink smoke trail indicates the demon finding a new host.
Paul Feldner is now the demon. The demon is now Paul Feldner. Either way you slice it, Casey and Swamp Thing are about to find trouble.

E45579D0-D94D-4801-BAB3-C514F68AA728 (2).JPG
Casey gets abducted by switchblade but the demon says she came willingly (image below). Paul Feldner keeps a switchblade in his sports coat? the demon made a good choice in choosing a host that carries a deadly weapon, drives a sports car and supports a strong mustache.

Swamp Thing leaps on the car.
His heart says yes while his stomach yells, “No!”.
I wonder if Alec Holland was voted most likely to fall off of a moving vehicle or if the trait is exclusive to Swampy.

Swamp Thing can definitely comprehend what a demon is, sir.

… off of a bridge this time.

As Liz Tremayne gives the TV station manager the business, Swampy rises from the river.

062AD53E-C33D-473C-ABCF-E4E9006E4727 (1).JPG
Swamp Thing crashes the party at the slaughterhouse only to be hacked by a butcher knife and left on a meat hook

If the demon wants to be incognito, Swamp Thing’s body is the wrong choice. Floating, orange, dragon may be a more subtle choice.

The demon is susceptible to cold temperatures and dies.

Finally! A safe and secure way for Swampy to travel.
I’d like to see a spin-off comic based on these two EMS responders. Loading your first giant swamp monster into an ambulance is just as exciting as an MRI and only the tip of the iceberg for these two young men.

Damn you Sunderland Corp!

FCA4145F-C011-4856-83D5-0692DB944E7F (1).JPG
Like other issues from series two, the Phantom Stranger is featured in the back of the book in a mini-series.

Letters Page:
still waiting on letters

81643DE2-2D2A-48DB-8A63-7EF3DBD85CB4 (1).JPG
A great piece on Tatjana Wood

A letters page isn’t a letters page without letters.

Be taller!

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