Wrightson Catalog NYCA Gallery

The Berni Wrightson Catalog NYCA Gallery – Oct. 1977
 photo D610C982-5134-49D1-B80A-E5D6967EE75F.jpg

The book serves as a chronicle of the Berni Wrightson exhibit. Over 200 original Wrightson pieces were featured and for sale.
 photo EBA30E0F-9FAD-40E1-A213-C9990E80B3DD.jpg

The guy on the cover looks like he may have inspired the character, Fineas Sproule
 photo 579FD70B-EC45-4C3B-8FF4-489421722075.jpg
The gallery show posters would be fun to get a hold of.

 photo 39480BD6-777A-4571-A7CC-BF53DB6BBD70.jpg
Of course Swamp Thing made a few appearances.

Berni mentions that every time he reads page 8 of HOS 92, he gets choked up.
 photo AE692007-CAE4-4454-894B-E630C30586BB.jpg
6 & 9 (series 1) covers
Wrightson tells a few stories about Swamp Thing being created. He gives equal praise and credit to Wein and Orlando as co-creators. Wrightson says, “if you want to see a graphic example of teamwork, read the Swamp Thing books.”

when issue 5 came out, Orlando was contacted by the Comics Code Authority. They were concerned that Swamp Thing was not clothed. Orlando goes on to tell them that he’s “not a human being but really only a strangely shaped potato, …how can you put pants on plants?”

 photo B2FCE8F3-18D9-4201-A0EF-2BCA36056FC7.jpg
These two spreads are fantastic.
 photo 717C0FB0-655D-4462-847D-8D591B310EEE.jpg


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