Wrightson Catalog NYCA Gallery

The Berni Wrightson Catalog NYCA Gallery – Oct. 1977

The book serves as a chronicle of the Berni Wrightson exhibit. Over 200 original Wrightson pieces were featured and for sale.

The guy on the cover looks like he may have inspired the character, Fineas Sproule
The gallery show posters would be fun to get a hold of.

39480BD6-777A-4571-A7CC-BF53DB6BBD70 (1).JPG
Of course Swamp Thing made a few appearances.

Berni mentions that every time he reads page 8 of HOS 92, he gets choked up.
6 & 9 (series 1) covers
Wrightson tells a few stories about Swamp Thing being created. He gives equal praise and credit to Wein and Orlando as co-creators. Wrightson says, “if you want to see a graphic example of teamwork, read the Swamp Thing books.”

when issue 5 came out, Orlando was contacted by the Comics Code Authority. They were concerned that Swamp Thing was not clothed. Orlando goes on to tell them that he’s “not a human being but really only a strangely shaped potato, …how can you put pants on plants?”

These two spreads are fantastic.

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