Arken Sword 17-18 (1986)

Arken Sword 17-18 (1986)
I’ve been trying to post my books in chronological order but this one was too good to wait.
 photo C858C7DD-FC98-497D-84F9-4ADB3D87A29E.jpg
Arken Sword, a wonderful UK fanzine full of great articles and illustrations. I’m always on the look out for issues of the book.
 photo B283D3E1-58AA-47BF-A124-900437C5040C.jpg
 photo 10951E1B-6E08-4AF8-AF16-F89C5F922668.jpg
 photo F98B7797-86D3-416B-B327-2EA0F2F55916.jpg
Red has no luck at all. Red doesn’t need luck at the moment.

 photo 1D1DC085-8B78-4C02-BDB4-4CEAD4395DF3.jpg
The comic strips in the book are fantastic. Above are some of my favorite panels. “A page from It’s me little family ennit, which utilizes tone to great effect. (Feb. ’79)”

 photo 4935DF68-2FEF-482F-858D-D59A020551A5.jpg
Martin Crookall recaps Alan Moore’s American Gothic story arc (issues 37-50 of the second series) and it’s quite impressive. It’s fun to read his take and summary of events.

Crookall enjoys the new guy.
 photo 7769F8CF-2356-45C9-820B-03B08FF435F8.jpg

The article features some great penciled layouts.
 photo 14A7DE95-4FBF-449A-B57A-8422BF297AF4.jpg
 photo 00370DE6-6C17-43E6-85B2-9E7BA281944C.jpg
 photo 8BCBA86A-5CD6-4B1F-9602-00F108BDB19B.jpg
Swamp Thing, an all-American hero. He would have done just fine on American Gladiators.

 photo FA2554F1-947B-4293-AB11-FC4B8049C1A1.jpg
psychodelic Swampy

 photo DF866B45-339E-4C19-B528-1030CAC92341.jpg
A number of Swamp Thing illustrations are throughout the book.

below, pencils for the cover of issue 47 (series 2)
 photo 47535D67-06DC-4FEB-A40A-6EC7043533FA.jpg
 photo 7D9F52FE-19DD-4B29-A679-293841E86C2E.jpg
The Wolfman interview is great. He recounts, his past in the world of fanzines, breaking into comics and his many successes.
 photo BDBEB134-5F7D-429C-8612-72A7DE694417.jpg
 photo 16978ABC-4696-4722-8149-BBFB9FA851F2.jpg
Supermen centerfold!

 photo FCCF235C-ED7A-40C8-BA98-C3D50FBBFBFD.jpg
Row 10, colum 5! Bingo

 photo AA91C2C6-507C-408F-BAE1-22CCB3E7AF76.jpg
Again, the illustrations are terrific.

 photo BBA33D82-B7B0-4A77-A417-F24B891A90A3.jpg
I am a big fan of the Rocketeer and I love Pete Scott’s work here.

 photo 7309F07A-C45A-44D3-B11C-22F43B76ACEB.jpg
The great Alan Davis. Davis illustrations of Swampy can be found in Ogre #8
 photo 6166AE6E-01DE-47BD-8449-D0F392E0798E.jpg

 photo 0B4077B3-5E0B-4264-91F6-A1C30EFBDFC3.jpg
 photo 82C0BE2A-2EC7-4795-B07E-87DFF8EEEDDA.jpg
Oh, look. The cover to Ogre #8
 photo CE26E954-E1A6-42D8-82FF-58367D9601CF.jpg
 photo 616E781D-D3AB-4C7B-8507-65946D7D6551.jpg
Swampy is in the bottom left corner. they repurposed the cover of ST #4 (series 1)

 photo 3553A9D7-6BC8-44AD-AF42-080F2997A3D8.jpg
Flouronic Man makes an appearance. He makes a very intense appearance.

 photo A08313F5-66AC-4E5B-9631-56CEA232F481.jpg
The scandalous Stephen Bissette interview! No, it’s not scandulous at all, but its good.

 photo C47DB8A3-6C9F-4112-918A-FBE630D2215C.jpg
This issue spoils you with great Swamp Thing content. It reminds me of Comic Book Creator 6: Swampmen. 6 is full of info on Swampy and all things swamp monster related. It took a while for Tomorrow’s Press to put it out but when you see how much great content there is… I am currently reading it and will write about it upon completion. You should check it out here.
 photo B446E63F-1A1B-4787-ABF5-AA8BC22F5E7C.jpg
 photo AB413341-2971-491C-A0CA-6F029C5CA816.jpg
Swamp and Abby are making me want to listen to a certain Peaches & Herb song.
it looks like Swamp Thing pierced his ears

 photo 7811AC73-9D3D-4007-9B72-15CBA36F6C3A.jpg
Etrigan, another of my favorites

 photo E42CA34C-B3E7-4EA8-BA0C-A33073AFF8AC.jpg
Swamp Thing and the Arcanes, coming this Spring to USA; characters welcome.

 photo DC76D8EE-B32D-4527-B990-DBB55FB79745.jpg


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