La Creature Du Marais No.1

La Creature du Marais No 1 (1983)
Le Monstre et Lenfant

 photo 1.jpg
Book 1 from the 1983 French reprints, collecting the early issues of series two. Arédit published numerous Swamp Thing reprints in the 80s. I’ve been working on completing my collection of French TPBs but I stumble upon new ones all the time. I posted La Creature du Marais No 2 not too long ago, it continues where this book leaves off.

 photo 2.jpg
What peace there may be in silence, Swamp Thing 1
 photo 4.jpg
Something to live for, Swamp Thing 2
 photo 3.jpg
 photo 5.jpg
A town has turned to blood, Swamp Thing 3. The book translates the original title to, The city of the vampires… I think
 photo 6.jpg
The Phantom Stranger
…in shadowed deapths from Swamp Thing 1 (series 2)
 photo 7.jpg
 photo 8.jpg
An interesting back cover ad


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