It’s TOR!

 photo 43D32B88-B599-4109-96D4-C146828A602C.jpg

John, at Rainbow Comics, surprised me with a little paperback book this weekend. The Tor reprint features issues 1-3 of the first series.
160 pages

 photo 099EF83E-696F-4046-82DB-654ADA42DF71.jpg

The book really made my weekend. Most copies I see go for $15/20; I did not pay that much.
 photo 6439E0FB-1283-4BCB-AFF5-2DA6B247384E.jpg

Michael Uslan, Swamp Thing film producer
 photo 7E05DDB6-546D-4DB2-8136-2DA2E06B2EFA.jpg
The black/white pages look great. I like seeing the re-arranged panels thoughout the book.

 photo 6FABF71B-088F-49F1-8FDF-58DACCA29696.jpg
 photo 7335B643-F935-49EE-BAED-FCDE606A8A7F.jpg
 photo E957AA7B-8D6E-4369-B1E1-7F925F612CD8.jpg
One of my favorite panels. “No… You definitely will not permit THAT!

If you’re looking for information on ST collected editions and reprints, Seeds & Leaves is a wonderful reference. Zac is a wealth of knowledge.

 photo 64DAAF0F-08C5-48A1-BCC4-651CEB78699C.jpg

May you rest in peace Mr Jourdan.


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