Some Swamp news and my first Murray

March has been a slow week on the site because I have been knee deep in paperwork and planning.
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This Saturday, March 21st, I will be attempting to set the world record for the largest Swamp Thing Collection. My entire collection of over 800 items—books, memorabilia, toys, and more—will be on display from 1:00PM to 5:00PM at the Sioux Falls Design Center in Downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The collection will be authenticated by legendary comic book artist and creator Phil Hester (Marvel, DC, and more), local purveyor of all things collectible John Nordstrom (Rainbow Sports Cards and Comics) and Sioux Falls business owner and comic enthusiast Andy Howes (Howes Oil, Local Zip).

The excitement I have for the upcoming event isn’t about setting a record or earning a title. It’s about being with friends, comic fans, collectors, and those filled with curiosity to celebrate one of the greatest characters in literature.
I wish that everyone who loves this character as much as I do could be there to celebrate him—and one another—with me, but Sioux Falls is a long haul for most people. That’s okay, though, because if I’ve learned anything from my experiences over the past year, it’s that we Swamp Thing fans have roots that run deep enough to support one another no matter where we stand.

Talk about support, look what arrived from Australia just in time for the previously mentioned ST event. I’ve been eyeing the Australian Murray Swamp Thing books for a while and thanks to swamp friend Zac, I finally have one! Zac runs the Swamp Thng site, Seeds and Leaves and does an excellent job documenting Swamp Thing books. I enjoy and use his site as a reference a great deal.

In the early ’80s, Murray released 5 books featuring  b/w reprints of series 1. This book is #3 of 5. The magazine sized, Australian published book features DC Comics Presents 8  and series one, issues 10, 11, 12 and 13.


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Where Swampy finds himself in a Quantum Leap moment.
The snake looks treacherous. The toad looks uncomfortable.
Pig pi… Lion pile!

3 thoughts on “Some Swamp news and my first Murray

  1. I love that page of Swampy holding up the mutated toad. These pages really show off Redondo’s skill. Back Issue #36 has some interesting information about him.
    Good luck for the weekend, John! The event is going to be a lot of fun!


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