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The Swamp Thing event went off without a hitch. Phil Hester was amazingly gracious; I could listen to him talk Swamp Thing all day. The review process took just over three hours and every item was checked off-from trades to chalk.
 photo Me 1.jpg
 photo Me 2.jpg

It was quite an operation and I was fortunate to be surrounded by friends for the process. I had two photographers, two videographers, three assistants, three official witnesses and my wonderful fiancé who kept the whole thing moving.
 photo review photo 1.jpg
 photo review photo 2.jpg

 photo review photo 3.jpg

Each item in my collection had to be photo documented. If Swampy didn’t appear on the cover, I had to be sure to provide evidence that he indeed made an appearance, no matter how small.
 photo review photo 4.jpg

I can’t say I’d want to do it again (paperwork, prep and coordination) but I had the time of my life. I started setting up at 2 in the afternoon, didn’t finish until 3:30 am, then returned at 6 am for final prep before the review process started. The two hours of sleep was worth it. Seeing my witnesses (Phil Hester, John Nordstrom and Andy Howes, who have a lifetime of comic knowledge) react to ST appearances they had never seen or heard of was extremely rewarding. It was a lot of fun having everything on display, as well. I had never seen everything displayed in one room so I was as excited as the guests.

 photo group pic 1.jpg
 photo crowd shot.jpg

My friend Dan graciously wore my ghillie suit (a ST mask is in the works). Guests loved him and we made sure Phil got a picture.
 photo C001DE1B-FC75-41D5-A2A6-86B139028682.jpg

When Phil arrived, he surprised me with this fantastic Spanish printing of his run with Millar and Morrison. He told me, “I have something I know you do not have”. It was really exciting.
 photo 7E22B31E-F836-48E3-A096-155320B34DFD.jpg
He shared some inside baseball on why the collected run wasn’t previously published. Amongst other things, cutting Abbie’s hair was a point of contention, creating a grudge.

While thumbing through the book I found one of Phil’s sketch cards, he said I could keep it.
 photo A0868BEB-A1C4-41A0-9683-DD3868351BFD.jpg

He stuck around and did some killer sketches for some folks. I had him sign my chalk.
 photo 99EC0A03-89A5-4FF8-B4F2-CBC7FE9029F9.jpg

It has been a pretty great week. I have been writing thank you notes since the event. There are a lot of people that deserve a great deal of praise for their efforts and support. I truly could not have pulled off such a day without them. Also If you are reading this, thank you. It means so much to share my love of Swampy with other fans.

More Swamp stuff came in the mail this week!

The french trade, La Creature Du Marais No.3 “Le Combat des Demons” Aredit July 1982
 photo ST French no2.jpg

a production slide from Swamp Thing the motion picture
 photo ST Slide.jpg
I’ve come across some terrific production stills showing the cast having fun while on set but nothing like this. I’m not sure if Dick Durock is sporting Adrienne Barbeau’s wig or David Hess’s wig but it’s a good time none the less. Speaking of good times, google ‘David Hess’ and listen to some of the classic songs he wrote for legendary musicians like Elvis.
 photo ST Slide2.jpg

The Return of Swamp Thing in laser disc format
 photo return of sawmp thing.jpg

and DC Releases from June of ’84
 photo DC Releases 1.jpg

The free preview zine features info on Swamp Thing #25
 photo DC Releases 2.jpg

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