More non-US releases

I’ve been posting a number of non-US ST re-prints, so why not a couple more?

Collection Psychose #6 “Les Monstres du Marais” Aredit April 1981
From what I’ve been able to dig up, Collection Psychose was a French series that ran from 79-84. The series collected horror stories translated to French. Book 6 collects 16 horror stories, the first being Swamp Thing 11 (Series 1) “The Conqueror Worms”
8B34EC82-5B60-4CB0-955F-E6E5F842CA4A (1).JPG

Back cover
The pocket comic has some wear but the b/w pages look great.

La Creature Du Marais No.4 “Le bête du Tunnel 13″ Aredit September 1982
This French pressing collects issues 8, 9 and 10 of series 1

The back cover features the cover to Saga of the Swamp Thing #2 (Series 2)


Fun, quirky production errors.
This re-print of issue 8 features Swamp Thing in a few different color options. Besides his normal green complexion, Swampy turns purple on one page and various shades of brown on others. Issue 9 and 10 resume the normal Swampy color spectrum.

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