The Greatest Comic Book Artists Collection No.1 – Swamp Thing

The Greatest Comic Book Artists Collection No.1 – Swamp Thing (1980)
 photo F13FEE9C-E4CC-440B-9692-5658531C1FF3.jpg
I don’t know much about this series of books or if it was released in the US as well, but I picked it up from a gentleman in Italy.

The large format, “Dark Genesis” re-print measures  9″ x 12.75″ showing off the wonderful detail work of Berni Wrightson.
 photo 8B0B5AB8-E1D3-4535-8CC2-BA3C3CE1D9CD.jpg
The inside cover reads, “Italian Language Edition” which leads me to believe that the book was released worldwide.

 photo 5889FF01-F2C3-464B-94CC-170901E5BF8D.jpg
The back cover features a lo-res copy of the 1977 Comic Art Convention cover that Wrightson illustrated.
 photo 0D8FB2EB-3872-40C6-A055-AF99308BEFE3.jpg
 photo DBD34E84-3119-45DF-9653-4BD850A1EC8F.jpg
 photo 8781FE45-1699-498D-B19A-60FF0EED4A44.jpg
 photo 91188511-1BBC-4685-B448-91B3549E1080.jpg
although, I enjoy poking fun at how many books feature Swampy’s origin story, seeing them at this scale is beautiful. I could study his line work all day.

It’s fun to find differences in the re-prints from the original releases. For some reason “Swamp Thing” in the top left corner was treated differently than how it appeared in ST #1.
 photo 4703EA9D-FA90-4BBF-A4B6-54941912EA5A.jpg
 photo E396C737-E67D-438F-A241-363F20B947A4.jpg
Whether in Italian or English, two exclamation points are a must.

 photo D7F35F93-F47C-4CBE-B7BE-F3EFEF3DEBAE.jpg
The publisher added the final panel from Swampy’s debut, in House of Secret 92, on the inside of the back cover.


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