The Greatest Comic Book Artists Collection No.1 – Swamp Thing

The Greatest Comic Book Artists Collection No.1 – Swamp Thing (1980)
I don’t know much about this series of books or if it was released in the US as well, but I picked it up from a gentleman in Italy.

The large format, “Dark Genesis” re-print measures  9″ x 12.75″ showing off the wonderful detail work of Berni Wrightson.

The inside cover reads, “Italian Language Edition” which leads me to believe that the book was released worldwide.

The back cover features a lo-res copy of the 1977 Comic Art Convention cover that Wrightson illustrated.
although, I enjoy poking fun at how many books feature Swampy’s origin story, seeing them at this scale is beautiful. I could study his line work all day.

It’s fun to find differences in the re-prints from the original releases. For some reason “Swamp Thing” in the top left corner was treated differently than how it appeared in ST #1.
Whether in Italian or English, two exclamation points are a must.

The publisher added the final panel from Swampy’s debut, in House of Secret 92, on the inside of the back cover.

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