The Telegraph Wire 23

The Telegraph Wire 23 (1985)

after the ST event and seeing all of my collectibles laid out, I’ve decided that my original intention of reading/posting everything in order, provides constraints that I don’t neccessarily need to worry about. I am still re-reading and posting ST’s chronology but when it comes to fun ads, articles, parody or collectibles, I’m going to hop around a little more than usual. There are quite a few ST items that are too fun to have to wait to share. That being said, one of my favorite Swampy covers, from 1985.

 photo A37C217A-5E5A-44B9-9B55-D606D9C37FF2.jpg

The Telegraph Wire was an industry trade jounal that ran from ’80-’85. Comics & Comix was the retailer that put it out.
 photo 45348609-DF1E-4D85-BA0A-5E9354604C91.jpg
 photo 884B0335-DFC9-47D4-AA8E-55F29CCD4BC7.jpg

The Moore article is interesting. He explains how he prepared for his ST run. The Heap is mentioned more than a few times.
 photo FB0D30A8-E7FA-4F6B-BF8F-2BCE39C1F4D8.jpg
 photo E85A89A2-1968-4975-AE1F-AFE231ECC557.jpg
 photo 534ABD87-4F6A-4F98-B8C5-4ADDA8D4CB39.jpg
 photo 64FEBC27-6299-4CB2-A57B-7DB2A462101D.jpg
 photo 00AE826D-1603-46F2-AD76-7578A65C7579.jpg


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