The Telegraph Wire 23

The Telegraph Wire 23 (1985)

after the ST event and seeing all of my collectibles laid out, I’ve decided that my original intention of reading/posting everything in order, provides constraints that I don’t neccessarily need to worry about. I am still re-reading and posting ST’s chronology but when it comes to fun ads, articles, parody or collectibles, I’m going to hop around a little more than usual. There are quite a few ST items that are too fun to have to wait to share. That being said, one of my favorite Swampy covers, from 1985.

The Telegraph Wire was an industry trade jounal that ran from ’80-’85. Comics & Comix was the retailer that put it out.
45348609-DF1E-4D85-BA0A-5E9354604C91 (2)

The Moore article is interesting. He explains how he prepared for his ST run. The Heap is mentioned more than a few times.

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