Indonesian Swamp Thing

Indonesian Swamp Thing
Comic book merchant Ahmad contacted me earlier this month regarding an Indonesian Swamp Thing reprint he had. He couldn’t have been more accommodating and I am happy to have this little reprint in my collection.

Although the front and back covers feature issues 4 and 15 of series 2, the book collects the first four issues of series 1.

“Dark Genesis”
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Swamp Die

DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League
Like Hero-Clix, I haven’t put much effort into learning how to play Dice Masters but since Swampy is involved, I had to get a closer look.
The numbers and icons on the die indicate ST’s strength and capabilities during gameplay. The ST icon is crude but fun; I like seeing ST simplified. Continue reading “Swamp Die”

Swamp Thing Binder

LCA Entertainment Swamp Thing Binder
Most ST items I have come across that bear the LCA logo have related to marketing and licensing for movie/television/merchandise purposes. This leads me to believe that these binders may not have been intended for mass distribution. I could be completely wrong (won’t be the fist or last time) but I have not seen too many of these floating around. Regardless, this cool binder would go perfectly with the ST pencil toppers, stampers, chalk and pencil sharpeners. I’m excited to keep my ST trading cards in it.

Swampy doesn’t look very comfortable on the binding.

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SCAPA Fanzine

SCAPA 2 (1977) Fanzine
The fanzine is a product of State College, Pennsylvania. I am assuming the student run fanzine was made up of Penn State students, with the “Stone Lion” referring to their Nittany Lion mascot.

the back cover features a Wrightson inspired Swampy drawing, similar to a certain panel in issue 1 (series 1).
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Kidrobot Swamp Thing

You don’t have to look very far to find odd Swamp Thing collectibles and this new 3″ DC mini series figure joins the ranks. The folks at Kidrobot created a kid friendly Swampy figure that is “not a toy” and is intended “for ages 15 and up”. The figure looks more like a turtle than the muck encrusted mockery of a man but I do indeed find it to be very fun and am excited to have it in my collection.

The figure is part of the DC blind box series so good luck with that.
The smooth face reminds me of Dick Durock’s mask in the first Swamp Thing movie.
I find his little abdominal muscles and butt crack to be a bit strange.

little antlers or roots?
They look similar to Swampy’s antler like armor in the new 52 series.

Swampy’s undercarriage

The box!

I’m glad the rosy red cheeks and nose didn’t make it into ST’s design.
I’m interested in hearing what other fans think of this particular DC figure series.

Horror 17 – Bosnian Swamp Thing

Horror 17 (1988)
Another wonderful, magazine sized, b/w, non-US reprint. This is the last of the books I acquired from a Croatian book store (ref. 1, 2). From the titles I translated, I believe the book was printed in Bosnian (language).

Frazetta’s Swamp Demon graces the cover.

Inside cover
The book collects Swamp Thing 1-4 of the first series.

Monster of the Swamp*
The same title can be seen on this Croatian/Serbian movie poster.
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