EKS 261

EKS Almanah 261 (1981)
I’ve been chatting with a man in Croatia who owns a bookshop. He kindly went through piles of books to find some non-US Swamp Thing re-prints for me. He found five issues of EKS and one issue of Horror. All of the books are magazine sized and were released in the former Yugoslavia. I’m hoping to find time this weekend to post them, but in the meantime…

EKS #261 features Swamp Thing 3 (series 1) along with some other great comic stories. I’m not sure why they used issue 5 (series 1) on the cover but EKS does re-print, “The Last of the Ravenwind Witches” in EKS 392.

 photo 7C8A1C7D-C550-47E7-8E1D-6976BC0D34ED.jpg
The front cover also features Shang-Chi! I couldn’t find a clear translation for Ruka Nahe but Swampy’s caption, Skrpljen Covek translates to “acquired man”. Assembled man may have been closer to The Patchwork Man.

 photo 7E1391ED-94B2-4676-A360-5D6D2318BA68.jpg
 photo 00140932-0A06-4B87-8F3A-69B05040C33D.jpg

The printing quality varies per page. The above Shang-Chi page is dull while the next page is a much richer black.
 photo B4C8E4D6-69AE-4C95-B3F1-AC73B8C9F2CE.jpg

New Saga of The Wetlands Monster!
 photo CB8BEAEE-FB8F-468A-BA90-711702A4EE6C.jpg
 photo BBFE8417-AE8E-4C20-A74E-71F0BC478689.jpg
 photo 9ADA9E4C-FF24-4101-B00A-D726322A96B5.jpg

The Wrightson run in a larger format book looks so good.
 photo DDC69FEC-1692-4F42-A383-03AAECE39862.jpg
 photo 32207C73-A723-4040-B645-E79B2B5E87DD.jpg

 photo 35D0B1BB-BF24-4780-9006-1129EBDB9CC4.jpg

I’ll have to track down UFO, english
 photo 51F06E1F-7D9A-4972-B90A-F04B7C1C7532.jpg
 photo 2C5B0E06-B291-4C16-A69A-2B4A95D61A3C.jpg

these photos are great
 photo 979A0207-7523-4FA0-ADE4-85542971D21C.jpg


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