EKS Almanah

Here are the rest of my issues of EKS Almanah.
The Yugoslavian book features reprints of Swamp thing (series 1)

EKS 392 (1984)
 photo CBC9BB25-5D37-48B0-A6B2-5187533FC614.jpg

The book features, Swamp Thing 5 (series 1) “The Last of the Ravenwind Witches”
 photo A07E4A2E-C67F-49BC-8DB1-E35794F10696.jpg
 photo C59737FA-B968-49BC-9B91-086AB9B03C14.jpg
 photo 5D7C2DEF-A61E-43E8-AC1A-64D807952048.jpg

EKS 393 (1984)
 photo CBED43C8-486C-41DA-9F46-39C2E0B79877.jpg
393 features, Swamp Thing 6 (series 1) “A Clockwork Horror”
 photo 19B3601D-401E-465F-B4E6-D9224511238D.jpg
 photo B1A58902-A193-4A63-94F8-8F5CA5A00062.jpg

EKS 394 (1984)
 photo 59A01AA1-7E29-4E8F-8A51-0CA4CB94C1E5.jpg
The selected details featuring Swamp Thing are great.
 photo 286429A9-9751-4ADF-899F-5A8929D04722.jpg
Swamp Thing 7 (series1) “Night or the Bat
 photo 15079F90-6E2D-4AF3-8B35-7BD242F3CC58.jpg

EKS 410 (1984)
 photo 54839EA7-C37A-4F3F-B223-2BED622958CA.jpg
Although he appears on the cover, this issue of EKS doesn’t feature a reprinted Swamp Thing story but instead a Man Thing one. I’m not sure if it was an instance of oversight or opportunity but it’s good to see Swampy represented.
 photo F0435AC1-3234-42E1-8712-53F97540AFEE.jpg
 photo B6F82365-92E6-4932-88F9-9DFF509EA4AB.jpg


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