Horror 17 – Bosnian Swamp Thing

Horror 17 (1988)
Another wonderful, magazine sized, b/w, non-US reprint. This is the last of the books I acquired from a Croatian book store (ref. 1, 2). From the titles I translated, I believe the book was printed in Bosnian (language).

Frazetta’s Swamp Demon graces the cover.
 photo 7507E989-EAD7-463D-BCB8-7B3CF684269C.jpg

Inside cover
 photo 2CE02217-84AB-45C2-BC41-99B6A493CD3C.jpg

The book collects Swamp Thing 1-4 of the first series.

Monster of the Swamp*
The same title can be seen on this Croatian/Serbian movie poster.
 photo F915C5D8-1BDD-42D6-9402-E87B48640B0C.jpg

Prokletsvo translates to “Curse”
 photo 255321A0-D80E-49C2-974C-4CB70F54CBCB.jpg

 photo 93800B18-2929-44CC-9030-18C904F49C09.jpg

 photo 54101C49-C2A7-479C-AD4E-66F1A6903130.jpg

 photo BB8DC4EC-CFA4-4087-AF91-A2F9EB9E6287.jpg

 photo 89D7F17B-86BB-49CF-AB87-23E7654034DD.jpg


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