Kidrobot Swamp Thing

You don’t have to look very far to find odd Swamp Thing collectibles and this new 3″ DC mini series figure joins the ranks. The folks at Kidrobot created a kid friendly Swampy figure that is “not a toy” and is intended “for ages 15 and up”. The figure looks more like a turtle than the muck encrusted mockery of a man but I do indeed find it to be very fun and am excited to have it in my collection.

The figure is part of the DC blind box series so good luck with that.
 photo 86611454-9DF9-4D5E-88FF-F08B5F9C7346.jpg
The smooth face reminds me of Dick Durock’s mask in the first Swamp Thing movie.
I find his little abdominal muscles and butt crack to be a bit strange.

 photo DB4F284F-EE75-4B46-A10A-7824F1C53F20.jpg
 photo BDE8F590-2683-416F-8623-023329BAB206.jpg
 photo 76A978E4-C6FD-47D5-AC11-F634CB9EF6D7.jpg
little antlers or roots?
They look similar to Swampy’s antler like armor in the new 52 series.

 photo 569461E3-A9D8-4743-908D-181E71885965.jpg
Swampy’s undercarriage

The box!
 photo 8686AE1A-1F55-43A4-A41A-A36048B91FDD.jpg

I’m glad the rosy red cheeks and nose didn’t make it into ST’s design.
I’m interested in hearing what other fans think of this particular DC figure series.
 photo 00F948F2-1222-40F4-A350-E9B3D4CED0F1.jpg


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