SCAPA Fanzine

SCAPA 2 (1977) Fanzine
 photo 937CAAB3-4E37-4692-9050-42BB2EC79F55.jpg
The fanzine is a product of State College, Pennsylvania. I am assuming the student run fanzine was made up of Penn State students, with the “Stone Lion” referring to their Nittany Lion mascot.

 photo 2F45C859-3CC5-4894-AF27-F461BBECBFBD.jpg
the back cover features a Wrightson inspired Swampy drawing, similar to a certain panel in issue 1 (series 1).

 photo 8034801B-A205-4DBA-A606-7376088151F4.jpg
I love the purple ink from the mimeograph.

 photo C16F6531-05B0-4468-8B30-682E3F667B47.jpg
The details (above)

the book mentions the State College Comic Swap quite a bit. After a quick search, I was happy to find out that the swap is still open.

 photo D2FD3332-BE33-469A-9320-B12C59065510.jpg
Desaad, “a guess what?”

I haven’t come across the Pizza Hut comics but did learn to love Pizza Hut a long time ago.
 photo CB50D8BB-DE30-4F94-A5BF-BF5EFA6FE2DA.jpg

 photo B02DA553-1B43-412C-B437-BB4633CB1D76.jpg
The book has some fun articles and information. They cite Comic Reader and The Buyers Guide.

 photo 339B892F-4D9A-4E0C-BDFA-6F110F6A4446.jpg
an unusual lightsaber…
The strips and illustrations are great

The SCAPA Con?? Survey!!
 photo 659690D6-4CB7-40F9-92DF-C9CE786BFAB7.jpg
I often wonder, what ever happened with SCAPA Con?
 photo A1918FD8-91D6-4EDA-9EF6-8BDD05259408.jpg

 photo 0EE7CB90-9AF4-4EF8-A09F-E6F28689C982.jpg
This full page New Gods illustration is terrific. Word on the street is, artist Marc Wagner is getting this Darkseid illustration tattooed on his body, permanently.


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