SCAPA Fanzine

SCAPA 2 (1977) Fanzine
The fanzine is a product of State College, Pennsylvania. I am assuming the student run fanzine was made up of Penn State students, with the “Stone Lion” referring to their Nittany Lion mascot.

the back cover features a Wrightson inspired Swampy drawing, similar to a certain panel in issue 1 (series 1).

I love the purple ink from the mimeograph.

The details (above)

the book mentions the State College Comic Swap quite a bit. After a quick search, I was happy to find out that the swap is still open.

Desaad, “a guess what?”

I haven’t come across the Pizza Hut comics but did learn to love Pizza Hut a long time ago.

The book has some fun articles and information. They cite Comic Reader and The Buyers Guide.

an unusual lightsaber…
The strips and illustrations are great

The SCAPA Con?? Survey!!
I often wonder, what ever happened with SCAPA Con?

This full page New Gods illustration is terrific. Word on the street is, artist Marc Wagner is getting this Darkseid illustration tattooed on his body, permanently.

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