EKS 261

EKS Almanah 261 (1981)
I’ve been chatting with a man in Croatia who owns a bookshop. He kindly went through piles of books to find some non-US Swamp Thing re-prints for me. He found five issues of EKS and one issue of Horror. All of the books are magazine sized and were released in the former Yugoslavia. I’m hoping to find time this weekend to post them, but in the meantime…

EKS #261 features Swamp Thing 3 (series 1) along with some other great comic stories. I’m not sure why they used issue 5 (series 1) on the cover but EKS does re-print, “The Last of the Ravenwind Witches” in EKS 392.

The front cover also features Shang-Chi! I couldn’t find a clear translation for Ruka Nahe but Swampy’s caption, Skrpljen Covek translates to “acquired man”. Assembled man may have been closer to The Patchwork Man.
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Swamp Thing at the carnival and ads

A couple weeks have passed since the Swamp Thing event and I’ve finally finished reorganizing my books. Everything has been shelved and now much easier to find. While putting everything away, I pulled a few older Swamp Thing related books that I’ve been meaning to revisit and post.

Superboy 198 (1973)
“The Fatal Five Who Twisted Time”
Fellow Swampy fan, Mike Sterling featured this book on his site a couple months ago. I’m a big fan of his site. You should give it a read if you’re not familiar.

Clark and Lana are making the best of the carnival by going to Horror Haven. Swampy and purple Man-Thing statues grace the entrance.

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