2000 AD Annual 1979

2000 AD Annual 1979

Swampy is in a futuristic/Anglerfish/Twilight Zone type of scenario and no one is safe. Well, humans are not safe.
 photo D6F53DE3-AB90-4875-8FB2-41E0A0F89C5B.jpg

All hail Tharg the Mighty!
 photo 0364DC0D-AAD5-42BB-AF9D-99834E44F72A.jpg
Atleast give him a hug, he’s begging for one.

“man, ever since our food ran out, I’m so hungry I can’t even think straight – let alone fly straight…” He really should have asked the other guys if they would mind taking the wheel.
 photo BD0E16A4-7410-4288-A726-9EFFC450BEFA.jpg
Food is scarce and these astronaut explorers know the steaks… stakes are high.

 photo 70D9AE80-1486-471D-B1FF-162A9FF4445F.jpg
Rather than problem solve to find a more rational solution, the men take to blasting each other for the last tuber on the alien planet. Surely, if there is oxygen to breathe there must be other food options.

But what would be the fun in that?
 photo 56914267-CB64-441A-B97F-B21A2A67A581.jpg

Monster alien Swamp Thing wins!
 photo E43C01B1-1F3D-44BD-AA0C-35E6359706C4.jpg


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