The Swamp Thing Publishorial

What does Val Armorr, Scalphunter and Richard Dragon have in common? Swampy publishorials!
The publishorial (or letter from the publisher) was a synopsis for who, what, when and where Swamp Thing is. It also served as a large, wordy ad for the upcoming DC Special Series – The Original Swamp thing Saga which collected reprints from ST series one (2, 14, 17 & 20).

Karate Kid #10
Death-Duel on Orando

Weird Western Tales #42
Death Stalk

Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter #17
The Final Victim

It isn’t the most thorough piece but it helped familiarize Comic readers and fans with Swampy.099B9EE0-B1A9-4075-AAD2-C0F0F155481F.jpg

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