Swampy at the con and a French figure

This weekend, I ventured to Iowa for O Comic Con!
to take part in my first comic convention. It was a whole lot of fun and I got to meet some great people. I was a little surprised at how many attendees didn’t know who Swamp Thing was but I was more than willing to give them a quick history lesson.

Phil Hester had a booth and I was able to catch up with him for a little while. He drew this killer Swampy sketch for me.
I also ran into Jeremy Haun and had him sign Constantine #22 (Swampy was in it).

To fully experience the convention, I participated in the costume contest. I sculpted, painted and then sewed my Swamp Thing mask to a ghillie suit hood. I am proud of the results but can’t say that I’d want to wear it for another 8 hour day. As you can imagine, it was extremely hot. Below are some pictures of the process. I used paper mâché clay, a coat hanger for framing and acrylic paint.

Now, back to Swampy collectibles!

French Bio-Glow Swamp Thing
This is my only French Swamp Thing figure. I keep an eye out for figure variants, prototypes and non-US figures but those I have come across carry a price tag and shipping rate that tends to be on the expensive side.
I love the treatment of the French logo above Swampy’s head. I’m not entirely sure why the camouflage Swamp Thing card is used for the French bio-glow figure. Maybe to save money?
The directions on the back are translated as well.

Below is the back of a US card for comparison purposes. It’s fun to see the different layouts and how they treated the featured information.

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