EKS Almanah

Rounding out my Yugoslavian EKS books are numbers 258, 259 and 263. I’ve been collecting Swampy’s EKS appearances and I believe I’m close to completing the list.

EKS Almanah #258 (1981)
The book features ST #1 (series 1) 1972
 photo 1948CDCC-7C3B-4457-B1C2-DF9F20DD1A4D.jpg
 photo EDBDC59E-98B4-4BFB-A40B-0CBBB19E2B48.jpg
 photo B8CB9F33-D3F9-4C8C-B6F0-840F88FDE4BF.jpg

EKS Almanah #259 (1981)
ST #2 (series 1) 1972
 photo EBAD353E-AC0D-4B72-8C0A-CF784DBC983E.jpg
 photo CF239786-BA01-44EC-8C05-C86C4DC6BEA1.jpg
 photo B6B9B9A9-2DF2-41A3-B499-590D6BCF9EAC.jpg

EKS Almanah #263 (1981)
Features ST #4 (series 1) 1972
 photo C6027EEE-A988-4060-A785-3DBBA4459548.jpg
 photo 0A7C26FA-2926-4C6B-9DCD-B2650E1C63D3.jpg


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