Action Comics 600

Action Comics 600 (1988)
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80 pages of golden anniversary goodness and all I care about is the cover of the Boston Reporter.

Action Comics 600 features some odd first date encounters and typical Darkseid mayhem.

Superman and Wonder Woman exchange a hearty handshake, agreeing not to consummate their relationship.

the two lovebirds get sucked through a portal, interrupting Darkseid’s plan to take control of Olympus.
Darkseid uses a mirrored reality to pit Superman and Wonder Woman against each other.


The two heroes quickly figure out Darkseid’s plan, come to their senses and join forces to stop him.

Now for the fun part! The story is interrupted by an interlude that takes us to Boston where an argument is in progress. Are Superman and Wonder Woman really in a relationship? Whether it’s true or not, The Boston Reporter is going to cover it.

The back of the newspaper features a fun little easter egg. “Mike Carlin revealed as Potts Clone” referring to Mike Carlin and Carl Potts and “Karen B: I had Swamp Thing’s baby!” I’m assuming Karen B is Karen Berger.

Action Comics #600 was released almost 4 months before Swamp Thing #76 L’Adoration de la Terre, which tells the tale of Tefé Holland’s conception. I don’t recall reading anything about it but, I wouldn’t be surprised if the news headline acted as a sneak peek for the upcoming Swamp Thing issue/plot line.

That is not a happy looking swamp baby.

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