Cerebus 82

Cerebus 82 (1986)
Talking Heads
 photo E2B59B51-7B2D-4518-85B2-356C01D96480.jpg
“Sump Thing” is back, in Cerebus 82. Last time we saw this Swamp Thing parody, it was at the bottom of a well, having muck encrusted intercourse with parody Man-thing. In this issue, the two are fused together. Sump Thing now goes by the name, Fred.
 photo 33D82024-0360-462A-9451-E0B2B93BA361.jpg

Swamp Thing’s expressions are great
 photo 89422FD4-0A8C-4905-80C5-FD724859FC5E.jpg

 photo 85E016E0-942E-43C4-9D9B-7C28CA708C47.jpg
Fred is the magic man

 photo FFCE2B7A-8F58-4271-B679-4C6BBE96B8BF.jpg


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