The Saga of the Swamp Thing 7 (Series 2)

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 7 (1982)
I Have Seen the Splintered Timbers of a Hundred Shattered Hulls

The title is as convoluted as the story. I enjoy seeing Swamp Thing mix it up with the strangest of foes but the herpes based octopus alien from the bottom of the sea has never been a favorite of mine.
I’m not positive but this may be the first and last cover that General Sunderland (white figure, in devil costume) appears on. Based on the giant eye on his forehead, you’d think he was transformed into one of the alien’s minions but fear not, the cover doesn’t quite reflect what happens inside. side note: I could watch Swamp Thing break out of wooden cargo containers all day.

We’re back at sea where the passengers and party goers are turning into tentacled party animals.

A1018E22-8E2B-41DF-9050-D3A909B5A253 (1)
Swampy is hot on the case after he is attacked. During the scuffle, he realizes his sap-like blood hurts the alien monster.

Two-eyed General Sunderland rallies his troops for an escape while Liz and Barclay are confronted by Dr Kay. Amid a great deal of confusion, Kay helps Liz and Barclay escape from Sunderland. Don’t worry… he’ll explain later.

0A94D532-551E-40DB-A153-D9F124A8CCE3 (1)
Kay covers for the two, returning to Sunderland’s side.
DF2EA4F4-9633-475E-A598-2F280BBB6ACB (1).JPG
Swampy follows the alien’s slime trail into the depths of the ship.

be honest with yourself, Alec!

One of my favorite Swamp Thing pages where Swampy is faced with a difficult choice…
66AED710-B6BA-427B-93F0-83F3465E915F (2).JPG
High dive or low dive?

The brainy octopus alien and Swampy work through the alien’s origin story and how it came to earth.
Don’t get distracted by swamp butt.
5C1B7422-451A-4E14-B0F3-A744E0C51542 (1)

of course!
See kids? This is why you practice safe boating on the high seas. An alien comes to earth, Sunderland inadvertently spreads herpes in the ocean and Swamp Thing has to deal with the results. A story as old as time.

2E721EED-5272-45CA-A509-B733A4897CC1 (1).JPG
The alien tries to absorb Swamp Thing like the rest of the passengers on the boat but yet again, Swampy blood to the rescue.
When I first read this issue, some years ago, I was excited to see the red star looking shape on Swamp Thing’s face. I had hopes that the alien had some sort of relationship with Starro.

Back on the deck, Liz isn’t looking too good. If the monster can absorb a life form via herpes, it looks like Liz may be done for.

AB059E71-184A-4BEB-802D-2D660D2DC197 (1).JPG
The book briefly catches up with Casey’s whereabouts. She is now flying and still using mind control. Kay’s men have still yet to capture her.

Liz, Barclay and Swamp Thing coincidentally reunite in the ship’s sick bay and hatch a plan to stop the alien.

Liz’s job was to find fresh clothes for her and Barclay. I can’t imagine she would have taken the time to grab Barclay shorts and a polo shirt while she settled for a shear evening gown.

Barclay does another great job translating a long and detailed story for Swamp Thing.

Swampy plunges into the depths of the ocean to destroy the herpes ridden octopus alien. He finds out that the alien has been taking down boats and scrap metal to build a ship to return home. Very impressive.

We don’t get to see Swamp Thing destroying the alien but he does.

B18AB1ED-A011-4AF6-8194-63AB32918319 (1).JPG

One full minute at a time…

When Swamp Thing comes to, he is on a strange island.
An island of broken dreams.

Letters Page:
The first “expanded” letters page is full of more criticism.


C579CB61-0507-408F-A6BF-5BD2C97354E1 (2).JPG
I can’t say that I’ve ever been concerned with how little Swamp Thing speaks. The amount of interpretation/translation gets old fast, though. Swampy utters a few words and the following panels are spent on someone explaining what Swamp Thing would have said in order to propel the story. It kind of reminds me of Timmy translating for Lassie.

I also haven’t wondered how he learned to talk. If he can regenerate an arm, he can generate some semblance of vocal chords.
I love Len Wein’s strong responses.
Not much can rival last issues letters page

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