Wrightson’s Swamp Thing 1: Alec Hollands Sære Skæbne

Wrightson’s Swamp Thing 1 (1979)
Alec Hollands Sære Skæbne

The title of this Danish book translates to “Alec Holland’s Strange Fate”
Strange indeed. The format of the book reminds me of this Italian edition.

The book features Swamp Thing 1…

an inside look at the artist, Bernie Wrightson…
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as well as, House of Secrets #92

“If tears could come…”

Back cover:
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This just in!

My Swamp Thing collection has been certified by Guinness World Records. If you’re new to the site, this post may help to bring you up to speed.
B0540D35-ADC1-4C97-8989-72910E75AEC3 (3).JPG

The final tally of Swamp Thing collectibles came to 797. 839 items were reviewed but Guinness doesn’t recognize name only references in magazine articles. If an article primarily focuses on Swamp Thing, it counts. Good to know for when your Swamp Thing obsession leads you to a heap of cool Swamp Thing books/collectibles and you get a wild hair to go for a world record.
8568E19B-45B3-46AE-A02F-0E8A5F78761B (2).JPG

Numbers aside, I’m just as proud of seeing the whole Guinness process through, from start to finish, as I am of my collection. Continue reading “This just in!”

Creature of the Unknown – Murray

I’ve recently come in contact with another wonderful Australian comic fan. This time, a book dealer with some Swamp Thing editions that I’ve been looking for for a while now. Thanks to Swampy friend Zac, of Seeds and Leaves, I have a copy of Superman Presents Swamp Thing. Now I’ve obtained the Australian Murray edition, Creature of the Unknown as well as one of the three Swamp Monster editions. The other two, I’ve never seen for sale so I’m very excited to eventually track them down as well. Swamp Monster in the mail currently, I’ll post it when it arrives.

Creature of the Unknown – Murray Comics (1980) Australian
8C495324-CFED-4E48-8421-40B06186C8F8 (1).JPG Continue reading “Creature of the Unknown – Murray”

Return of Swamp Thing costume pieces

At an estate sale back home in Savannah, my parents found these promo stills with pieces of screen-worn ST costume. The folks that ran the estate sale said the man who owned the memorabilia had thousands of items relating to feature film and television. The pictures I saw of his Paul Newman and Ernest Borgnine memorabilia were pretty great.
The pieces are from The Return of Swamp Thing.
D0FB7F29-1D72-485B-AB2E-297CE4350F09 (1).JPG
They were glued to the glass in the frame …crazy. Luckily, I was able to remove the pieces cleanly with a sharp razors. Here are detailed photos of both. Continue reading “Return of Swamp Thing costume pieces”