Elf-Thing #1 (1987)
Parody as you like it!
 photo 64B85CA9-44C4-4865-8914-39A1984F0FAB.jpg

Elf-Thing certainly does serve a generous helping of parody. The book takes place in a world populated by comic characters with the word Thing in their names; Swamp Thing, Man-Thing, Thing, etc. Oh, and there are elves as well.
 photo 33959441-206B-49A3-AAB8-0C8BA9172FF0.jpg
Dr Bruce Thing gets turned into an elf. In this world, apparently elves are repulsive.

 photo CF2FB4B9-8B9D-4206-8B1E-CC5D97A7F635.jpg
Gator-Aid benefit, that’s rich

Right off the bat, we get the origin story…
 photo DA6539D6-E6BD-4694-A0EF-AEC8551AF375.jpg

A lab full of Things
 photo 83946DC3-2A2F-4E1D-B9B2-904B0E588604.jpg

the shadowed figure in the center looks like a Bernie Wrightson era Swamp Thing
 photo CBA201B1-2D05-4E84-8176-4C14823E8FD5.jpg

Dr Thing leaves the lab of Things and returns to his home lab in the swamp
 photo A5669BD4-B197-44FD-83B2-F853204CE603.jpg

while performing his monologue…
 photo 5BE13574-8FD7-48D5-BA2E-90FFA5530829.jpg
Thing goons are closing in fast, to steal his bio restorative formula
 photo F2BDBBC2-9510-4BBC-BFCF-7B8533CCC104.jpg

A fight is inevidible and Dr Thing does his best to thwart the evil-doers.
 photo 5F8ED81A-5CEC-4751-8F33-DE754D92E3C5.jpg
 photo 1330907F-2168-4EA2-842B-1045D991CF27.jpg

much like Swamp Thing, the Dr plunges into the swamp
 photo 3886CCBD-51AA-4649-93DA-39E1E81C9AF3.jpg

transforming into Swam… an elf.
 photo 2C2408CF-B77C-46CD-AD1D-99D9B42BA769.jpg

seeking help, he turns to his trusted mentor Baron Dr Maximillian Von Thing
 photo CC960476-9FE8-46D2-9C01-8DE1ADABC47C.jpg

and then his girlfriend’s house, of course
 photo 3446D684-EC65-492F-B3E2-7DE29BE8987E.jpg

 photo 0C4D4BD6-989B-49D5-BC52-25E8B02C909E.jpg
She is blind and doesn’t mind his new form but the doctor flees, disgraced by his appearance.
 photo 6FE201C5-5B5C-49EF-B763-84F10C8F761E.jpg

 photo D5E948B5-43FC-4A70-B079-D664181AB4EE.jpg
The doctor takes a boat to seek answers but only finds an elf orgy!
 photo 84B0420D-F6A9-43B6-B62C-620F8F81BEFB.jpg
the final page advertises a continuation but I am not aware of a second book.

Back cover
 photo 00291B0F-C35D-46B4-9EF8-831CCEB0A3F5.jpg


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