Return of Swamp Thing costume pieces

At an estate sale back home in Savannah, my parents found these promo stills with pieces of screen-worn ST costume. The folks that ran the estate sale said the man who owned the memorabilia had thousands of items relating to feature film and television. The pictures I saw of his Paul Newman and Ernest Borgnine memorabilia were pretty great.
The pieces are from The Return of Swamp Thing.
D0FB7F29-1D72-485B-AB2E-297CE4350F09 (1).JPG
They were glued to the glass in the frame …crazy. Luckily, I was able to remove the pieces cleanly with a sharp razors. Here are detailed photos of both.

580C80DB-C05D-436C-B19B-4624FFE9F4318AE8A67E-2A4D-45B5-AA72-BFCA9C981FDB (2)

I’m very excited to add them to the collection. I’m currently figuring out how best to display them.

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