Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror 11

Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror 11 (2005)
Squish Thing
 photo 67288397-BB9B-4A94-8254-E49C14DDFF79.jpg
Classic DC and Marvel are well represented in this book

 photo 4D879A1F-D004-452C-9822-768047A5B28B.jpg
Wein and Wrightson team up to tell the tale of Squish Thing, a Simpsons/Swamp Thing parody.

 photo ED8DB33B-A152-4F99-8A1A-1CACE2021B88.jpg
Homie is self deprecating as ever, trying to make his way back into his love’s life. Love being television and beer, of course.

 photo 3768A56F-C54D-4E16-A056-BC2E494FB5B3.jpg
The story has a wonderful mix of House of Secrets 92 and Swamp Thing 1 (series 1).

 photo EF9D5EFD-8B48-4AA8-BA5C-7456533BDAC7.jpg
Wrightson’s layouts are really fun and it’s great to see his take on Simpsons characters.

 photo C3CB3CFB-98E5-4DCA-B9D5-B102005B4D71.jpg
There’s a great Reese’s PB cup moment when Bart and Homer collide. “You got squishee all over my beer!” “and you got beer all over my Squishee!” The mix of the two delicious beverages is a match made in heaven… to Homer.

 photo 5CCBA909-C268-4053-A3C2-FE1BF537BE53.jpg
Moe takes advantage of Homer’s obsession to recreate the perfect lime flavored beer squishee in the hopes to steal Marge.

 photo 709CABE1-5EAD-4AA1-A094-6BCECFE83076.jpg
It looks like Wrightson had a ton of fun creating Swampy’s parody origin story. I’d love to see the story animated.

 photo 7235F384-98EE-44CE-8C19-8502F0828A1A.jpg
without the explosion, this would be Homie’s dream come true

 photo 21986EE3-1761-41F3-B408-631FF67D21B7.jpg

I love this HofS 92 reference.
 photo 9B5FD4CB-F759-4200-8DCF-D1C90F02EC58.jpg
 photo 2A0F5F7B-394F-4F42-A3B3-14E8F2CA2C69.jpg
Moe gets absolutely torn to bits. Marge and Homer finally reunite
 photo 5DBB5207-23E6-4CFA-9276-83AC04B367B4.jpg

The story ends with Homer at home, adjusting to life as a lime squishee stand. I am slightly concerned with the amount of beer that Homer absorbed into his body. The children may be getting drunk off of lime beer squishees.
 photo 42FA7F49-A227-4BAA-A6B5-32068CCC8732.jpg

Back cover
 photo 9F836AEC-5C6A-4AC7-839C-B33B594D4CCF.jpg


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