Swamp Monster – Murray

Swamp Monster – Murray Comics (1981) Australian

This Murray edition features Swamp Thing #5-9

Detail: the cover is an interpretation of one of Wrightson’s illustrations from 1974
E4F95B49-C6CB-42B8-ADC4-1F86CE5754BF (1).JPG

I believe the cover illustration was used on a few other non-US editions. I’ll post a Spanish edition that features similar art, another time.

The Last of the Ravenwind Witches

The great fall

A Clockwork Horror

Night of the Bat
310E3276-F6CA-4597-9E8D-31C2F7407DEA (1).JPG

The Lurker in Tunnel 13!

the term bear hug wasn’t named for a bear’s grasp but rather, Swamp Thing’s deadly grip

The Stalker from Beyond

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