Wrightson’s Swamp Thing 1: Alec Hollands Sære Skæbne

Wrightson’s Swamp Thing 1 (1979)
Alec Hollands Sære Skæbne
 photo 6C9D474C-FB42-42C3-8DB8-40B28D2BB14E.jpg
 photo 03AD8E8C-0DA8-46B0-BE62-698B2AB36709.jpg

The title of this Danish book translates to “Alec Holland’s Strange Fate”
Strange indeed. The format of the book reminds me of this Italian edition.
 photo C5D2E54F-28CF-4D1B-890F-ED20BC83BF40.jpg

The book features Swamp Thing 1…
 photo 490BA1E5-084F-4C5A-A1C1-FD2C35C9433A.jpg

an inside look at the artist, Bernie Wrightson…
 photo 55846863-0555-4BF6-A630-98F7960B8C88.jpg

as well as, House of Secrets #92
 photo A158214B-0238-4776-874D-DFF08B6A83F9.jpg

“If tears could come…”
 photo 83CB2768-0224-41AF-92CA-9014DB09165E.jpg

Back cover:
 photo D3466396-4995-404D-BEA3-1C7A905B2E71.jpg


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