Salad Thing

Stupid Heroes Trading Cards
Salad Thing

I’m not sure if this is the strangest Swamp Thing parody I’ve ever seen but it makes the list, for sure.

I like the sketch on the back of the card more than the artwork on the front.
Ha! Monsanto, that’s rich


Swamp Thing for Sega!

I’m sure I’m late to the party on this one but I never thought Swamp Thing for Sega would see the light of day, nor did I think I’d ever get the opportunity to play it. Plans to release the game were scrapped after the NES and Game Boy games were released. I recently found a download of the game at Sega Retro.

Here is a photo of the prototype cartridge. As you can see, it is pretty beat up.

Game play is much more fun than that of the NES and Game Boy versions. Swamp Thing has more range of motion and abilities. His energy/life meter is represented by the tree at the bottom of the screen.
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Cryptoc 3

Crypt of Comics #3 1977
The magazine for novice writers and artists

I love fanzines, especially those that feature fan-art of Swamp Thing. While picking up new comics today, John at Rainbow Comics surprised me with this issue of Cryptoc (Crypt of Comics).

Swampy isn’t mentioned inside but someone loved him enough to put him on the back cover.
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The Return of Swamp Thing T-shirt

The Return of Swamp Thing t-shirt
I don’t have a manufacturing date for the shirt but based on the movie it’s promoting, I’d say 1989. Daniel Emery Taylor, one of the child actors in the movie, let me know that these shirts were given out to the cast and crew on the film.

I recently acquired the shirt from a vintage clothing store out of California.

The illustration on the shirt is based on artwork by Totleben & Bissette from Saga of the Swamp Thing #34 Rites of Spring
The illustration may look like a close copy of the last page of SotST #34 but notice the feet. The choice to put heels on Abby is quite funny.


Cerebus – Ascension’s End part one and two

Cerebus #105
Ascension’s End: part one Couple Capable (1987)
AC39DB50-CE88-40EF-AE44-8DB8A0319FB7 (1).JPG

I don’t read much Cerebus but when I do, it involves random issues featuring Swamp Thing parodies. These two issues re-introduce the oddly conjoined group consisting of Sumpthing, Womanthing and the Artist. Previously seen in Cerebus 25 and 82

Cerebus makes it to the top of the tower with his gold sphere and is recieved by Sumpthing (Fred), Womanthing (Ethel) and the Artist. The Artist threatens Cerebus, encouraging him to jump to his demise.

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