Gigant 1 – Norwegian

Gigant #1 Norwegian (1983)

Gigant features Swamp Thing #1 along with four other comic stories. A similar looking edition of Giant was published in Sweden. I’ll share that book another time.  photo 2DD3ED3D-DBBD-497F-8DA2-A4FF49D20D40.jpg  photo 7181CDAF-6FF4-486E-9120-DF91B5C0A069.jpg

I love this grouping of characters on the table of contents. I wish Plastic Man was with Swampy, rather than Elongated Man but what are you going to do? It’s cool to see the Shadow in the mix.
 photo 7BFA7AF0-FE28-488E-AB45-010A9AFEE8C6.jpg

Swamp Thing #1 (1972)
Dark Genesis
 photo 5F16A559-533E-4417-978D-C904FD121A9D.jpg  photo 63012F0A-EB99-45B1-8535-F1A2A4C74B2E.jpg

World’s Finest #269 (1981)
Buried Alive
 photo B79994FE-F422-44A7-AC75-9C0D92F2C556.jpg

Justice League of America #186 (1981)
Who Can Stop The Shaggy Man?
 photo A501190D-F7A5-46EB-88D7-34F8A24A5B90.jpg

I found it difficult to translate the title of this story but based on the appearances of Daniel and Janice Brown, I believe it is from Batman #349 (1982) Blood Sport. The featured Catwoman story is, The Man, The Bullet, The Cat Part 2
 photo 8C6A4A53-EDFB-48EE-B8A7-0328DDC15C86.jpg

The Shadow #1 (1973)
The Doom Puzzle
 photo 7ED3CE8E-5B88-41F4-AFDF-763CA4DAD9D3.jpg

This great Swamp Thing ad is toward the back of the book. Swampy is looking vulnerable and very concerned with that arrow on his hand.
 photo 10436404-EEA1-4A87-A38B-16EFCBF129CE.jpg


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