Mighty Mites #2 (series 2)

Mighty Mites #2 (1987)
Awkward, confusing, Mite anatomy and loads of parody… is what’s inside this book. I’m not wild about the Mighty Mites nor have I taken the time to get to know them but I do love the Swamp Thing parody within this issue.
 photo E25AA8E6-53F6-4BDC-88F8-14D5071E16C0.jpg

Swampy is portrayed as Sump Thing, a bottom-dwelling trash monster.
 photo 5080E412-54BA-424D-931D-CDC19AA687FE.jpg
 photo 55D14774-AFD9-45F4-B0D5-6C43744D8F83.jpg

Rather than critique or review the book, I’ll share some of my favorite Sump Thing panels. His poses and facial expressions are great.
 photo 5EBB340F-9EAF-4A47-BF25-C7AD9305F458.jpg
 photo B5FEA93C-B522-40CD-B322-A608150217DB.jpg
 photo C7CBD491-3853-4833-899A-B93BF601B192.jpg

Sump Thing enjoys a Monty Python moment…
 photo 95C9C7EF-1049-45EC-B71D-A0168025F0B1.jpg

and kind of resembles a bride to be, or perhaps a mop top
 photo 8A77ECE4-3684-4784-A2C8-AEE7A47C0581.jpg

Monster Man comes to the rescue to kill Sump Thing.
A similar scene appears on the cover of Amazing Heroes #77 (1985)
 photo 4AEAD45C-BD65-4E10-AD7C-13FD3B538E91.jpg

Sump Thing doesn’t stand a chance and…
 photo A97344F0-1F71-4CF3-B87C-26216544424D.jpg

Mr Monster doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
 photo 494372CE-AD91-4CC1-AE7A-4C3D162A9E9C.jpg

This book works pretty well for a short post. I’ve been re-reading ST related books when I have the time and lately I’ve been pretty busy. Besides investing a ton of time into Swamp Thing, I also have a knack for over-committing myself to big/fun art projects. For example, I finished these intersection murals last weekend:
Mural photos
Argus Leader article
Two street murals in two days. We wrapped up on Sunday in time to celebrate my birthday. My friend Julia drew me this awesome Swamp Thing birthday card.
 photo 1B479D9A-4AF4-417B-8288-F123306A6D97.jpg

To top things off, I was asked to take part in an interview regarding my Swamp Thing collection, after having recieved my Guinness certificate last week. I didn’t embarrass myself or any loved ones so I’ll count it as a win.
Eye on KELOland news segment


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