DC Sampler 2 & 3

A preview into what’s new (in 1984)!
The two books feature Swamp Thing.

DC Sampler #2 (1984)

Oh look, the Saga of the Swamp Thing #27, with a different color palette.

Inside: This is the Place By Alan Moore with Bissette and Totleben on visuals.

DC Sampler #3 (1984)

The cover features a very purple Saga of the Swamp Thing #29.

Oh look, It’s Sting… who eventually becomes John Constantine. Although his first appearance is credited as Swamp Thing 37, the Swampy creative team had planned and worked on pages more than a year in advance. Stephen Bissette and John Totleben had been telling Alan Moore that hey are drawing a character who resembled Sting. Moore would eventually use the character as John Constantine.

for those who think this is Constantine’s first appearance, Bissette cleared the air recently:

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