Cryptoc 3

Crypt of Comics #3 1977
The magazine for novice writers and artists

I love fanzines, especially those that feature fan-art of Swamp Thing. While picking up new comics today, John at Rainbow Comics surprised me with this issue of Cryptoc (Crypt of Comics).
 photo E34B8FFB-7095-4D78-8D2C-71FB1FC4EA0D.jpg

Swampy isn’t mentioned inside but someone loved him enough to put him on the back cover.
 photo 88DDF1D8-9466-49AC-9659-7E858B6C6A99.jpg

I’m not sure what the shapes on Swampy’s eye mean but they look like the letter A, on fire. We can only hope that they are subliminal messages.
 photo 6CEF02FC-1F41-4ECE-85DC-6545C5FE3FC5.jpg

The book features numerous comic strips and articles from folks around the country.
 photo 46E2CBD2-1D63-4DC0-9C62-443657483FE7.jpg

A Cryptoc intro
 photo 9001AC97-9D3F-427A-AAFD-F9A98B274E2F.jpg

This issue has an interesting article on fandom and why we do what we do.
 photo 4872C38E-7189-491E-B936-EE0638298F8A.jpg


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