La Cosa del Pantano

Historia de los Comics – Creepy Presentan
La Cosa del Pantano (1983) Spanish
114 pages, b/w and color
 photo 638C61CF-9F4A-40EF-9247-B675D862A332.jpg
This great Spanish edition features Swamp Thing’s debut from House of Secrets #92 and issues 1-4 of Swamp Thing, series one.

back cover:
 photo 23045170-6B70-4F55-B7B2-873BFD08ADD7.jpg
 photo 21F8BEEC-1129-4FC6-AC44-9CC7482A5DED.jpg

The book features a prologue, giving you the rundown on Swampy as well as some background info on Bernie Wrightson.
 photo 77E77887-C158-416D-9016-30B9881DF6A6.jpg

House of Secrets #92
Swamp Thing

Swampy’s first appearance is reprinted in color. The rest of the book is black and white.
 photo 06AB5CF8-3C69-4093-BFD9-30A2AF98584A.jpg

Swamp Thing #1
Dark Genesis
 photo B98138B9-D39F-4FDC-9317-E98E06656768.jpg

Swamp Thing #2
The Man Who Wanted Forever
 photo 81434E79-0F47-4450-B8CB-5D089F519AFC.jpg

Swamp Thing #3
The Patchwork Man
 photo 5093D7FD-6AF6-4A59-9979-F89AE0BCE202.jpg

Swamp Thing #4
Monster on the Moors
 photo BDA8A6E6-8F84-4D90-89B0-343D492CC21B.jpg


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