Boris the Bear #5

Boris the Bear #5 (1986)
Where Swamp Thing is an elemental of comic books and is made up of discarded issues.
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Boris is rudely awakened by Dump Thing, who only wants a little face time.
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La Creature du Marais Album No. 2

La Creature du Marais Album No. 2 (1983)
This non-US edition collects the Saga of the Swamp Thing #5, 6 and 7. The publisher compiled the three issues together without cover pages or a clear indication as to where one issue ends and others begin. Of course, if you’ve read these issues before it is clear where the transitions occur. Still, it is a little confusing.

<<Creature of the Marshes>>
 photo 2824F507-A3F6-4C5D-A1A8-0751C877DDF5.jpg

<<Night of Horror>> (inside cover)
 photo B338D505-6F6D-4505-A812-F1F0068373EF.jpg
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Swamp Thing Pajamas

Swamp Thing Pajamas (1991)
There’s a Swampy sleeping bag and two kinds of slippers (1,2), of course there’s a pajama set.
Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 3.28.02 AM copy.jpg
The original packaging is pretty simple and I’m not familiar with the manufacturer, PCA Apparel.
Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 3.27.56 AM copy.jpg
The artwork on the shirt is one of my favorites of all the Swamp Thing t-shirts. It would be great if the shirt was reproduced in adult sizes.
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Swamp Thing Halloween Costume (1990)

Great balls of fire, I found it!
I’ve been looking for this costume for a while now. I’ve had collectors helping me and I’ve only seen one other, at Plaid Stallions. Not to say that there aren’t more out there, I just haven’t come across any. After looking far and wide for a few years, I found it on ebay. Funny enough, the costume was merely 3 hours from where I live. It worked out pretty well.

The costume was released in conjunction with the Swamp Thing animated series.

The mask is pretty easy to come by. There are a few on etsy in great condition. The mask that came with this costume was crushed (which I knew when purchasing) but I’ve had a duplicate mask ready for when I finally come across the clothing portion of the costume, I could complete the set. Below is the duplicate that I picked up a couple years ago. The design is quite odd and doesn’t resemble the cartoon or the comic book.
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La Tragique Odyssee de la Creature du Maraîs

La Tragique Odyssee de la Creature du Maraîs (1982)

I’ve been finding a lot of great French editions lately. The relatively inexpensive French shipping rates are a bonus. I’d like to order more Spanish editions but postage is quite expensive. This book collects Swamp Thing #1-5 along with some great House of Secrets stories.

Tragic Odyssey is a fitting description for Swampy’s first series.
 photo B29BBD7E-1A6D-424C-9032-4D746841BBCE.jpg

Title page/inside cover
 photo 22B70735-C637-401C-A606-7EBC0B5192A8.jpg
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Spectral 1 – Les Creatures de L’lîle

Spectral 1 – Avec La Creature du Marais
Les Creatures de L’lîle (1985)

what a day for mail! I ordered three French editions last month and all three arrived today. It was perfect timing. I’ll be posting the books throughout the week. Here is the first one. This pocket sized edition features Swamp Thing #8-10 of series 2.
 photo 65078571-82AD-45B7-B0E1-CEA592D86E7B.jpg
Stay gold, Swamp Thing

The Saga of the Swamp Thing #8 Here’s Looking at You Kid (1982)
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