Gigant 1 – Swedish edition

Gigant #1 Swedish (1983)

It’s Just like the Norwegian edition but from a different country, in a different language, a few different design choices, you got it. The book collects Swamp Thing #1 along with four other comic stories.
 photo D5F2944D-5AFE-4E78-B866-9B765E06000B.jpg

 photo 2336D18C-1D8C-4AC2-9DD2-C8D8128F5D30.jpg

Swamp Thing #1 (1972)
Dark Genesis
 photo 40E61742-8C86-4724-B520-068E643943A4.jpg

World’s Finest #269 (1981)
Buried Alive
 photo 3FFAFF7E-3C22-46F8-A552-6E7865655AEB.jpg

Justice League of America #186 (1981)
Who Can Stop The Shaggy Man?
 photo 0A2521FD-F317-48E1-ABA4-C3986963F14F.jpg

Like the Norwegian edition, I had trouble translaing this story but based on the appearances of Daniel and Janice Brown, I believe it is from Batman #349 (1982) Blood Sport. The featured Catwoman story is, The Man, The Bullet, The Cat Part 2
 photo 705D41A2-D20A-4042-892D-A07D74412107.jpg

The Shadow #1 (1973)
The Doom Puzzle
 photo 1B8DC986-9CFB-4C84-B956-EC026EA980EB.jpg

the back cover is great
 photo 6DC9EF76-3F06-41B4-A001-FC92BD2FA120.jpg


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