Lynvingen Superserien #13

Lynvingen Superserien #13 Norwegian (1982)
The Norwegian edition of Brave and the Bold #176.
I love this book. I do enjoy the original Brave and the Bold #176 but not as much as this Norwegian edition. I like seeing an artist’s interpretation of something that has already been established. The original B&B 176 cover was great but for some reason they didn’t/couldn’t use it. So they had an artist come up with this cover.
 photo F6AC0391-BB53-4B95-89C0-61C8EF0B572A.jpg

 photo 53571821-78BA-4D6B-9BF7-8E024B05953F.jpg

The folowing two panels were composited and redrawn for the cover art.
 photo 11134B16-94C5-4B4D-AE4E-ED1445B12ABF.jpg

The panels look great in the sequence they’re intended, but enlarged and with similar details, they look really odd represented on the cover. Batman looks like his cowl is on backwards and Swamp Thing looks like Lips Manlis from Dick Tracy. Aside from that, I love the cover artists’ line-work and craftsmanship.
 photo C4360E30-09E9-4826-A199-B9A4A42C48A5.jpg

The book also features The Scrambled Egg Hunt, originally published in Superboy #19 (volume 2)
 photo D814B0D1-855D-4738-9B13-6F3BFB818A9A.jpg


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