Chess Piece

DC Superhero Chess Figure: Swamp Thing – White Pawn
with Collector Magazine #90
BKP0846, s15

Hey Swamp friends! I hope everyone had the opportunity to get the Swamp Thing chess piece by Eaglemoss. They sure do a great job of bringing Swampy to life. Here are the specs.
Height: Approx 90mm
Material: Metallic resin, hand painted
Packaging: Blistered & Box

I plan to load my side of the chessboard with 16 Swamp Thing pawns. Sure, it’ll be confusing but no one can beat 16 Swamp Things.

The details and craftsmanship are great!

at some angles, he looks kind of like Groot.

Like the other Swamp Thing Eaglemoss statue, DC Comics Super Hero Collection Swamp Thing Lead Figurine – CDY/5956 (2012), it comes with a collectors book, full of reference material. I’ll post the lead figure another time.

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