Chess Piece

DC Superhero Chess Figure: Swamp Thing – White Pawn
with Collector Magazine #90
BKP0846, s15

Hey Swamp friends! I hope everyone had the opportunity to get the Swamp Thing chess piece by Eaglemoss. They sure do a great job of bringing Swampy to life. Here are the specs.
Height: Approx 90mm
Material: Metallic resin, hand painted
Packaging: Blistered & Box

I plan to load my side of the chessboard with 16 Swamp Thing pawns. Sure, it’ll be confusing but no one can beat 16 Swamp Things.
 photo 316BF226-08A5-49B8-8A9E-89479DA7EB75.jpg

The details and craftsmanship are great!
 photo 15EBA4D2-53F2-43FE-A8FB-AAEE3D9B90CF.jpg

at some angles, he looks kind of like Groot.
 photo 530CB7DA-EFC7-4748-857B-24338C8FE0DB.jpg
 photo 7DFFE1A0-3172-4B9D-A7B2-EA6463FE76D4.jpg

Like the other Swamp Thing Eaglemoss statue, DC Comics Super Hero Collection Swamp Thing Lead Figurine – CDY/5956 (2012), it comes with a collectors book, full of reference material. I’ll post the lead figure another time.
 photo A00A92CA-453D-4201-9EC6-6DFE590A8648.jpg
 photo 8AD69980-038F-47BB-9690-1A14051C536F.jpg
 photo F56BAFF9-5E0E-4F00-B4A8-8E9AB4A3A06D.jpg
 photo 7E80772D-C075-40C8-A9E7-0662EFACFAA9.jpg


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