La Creature Du Marais No.1

La Creature Du Marais No.1 (1982) is a French edition collecting Swamp Thing 1 and 2 of the first series. The book is the first of four editions published by Aredit in 1982. The subsequent books are, La Creature Du Marais No.2 La Derniere des SorcieresNo.3 Le Combat des Demons, and No.4 Le bête du Tunnel 13
 photo 8CF5DC3A-05D8-438A-A007-CD6DDB17EB18.jpg

Born of the Mud (translated)
 photo 2850B734-9C83-46A9-A681-C6DE926C74B2.jpg

“en couleurs” is only the half of it. The color palette and registration is pretty wild in this edition.
 photo 53787FE6-BFD3-449C-A2C4-3710941E0517.jpg

The book also features a French fist pump
 photo EF94717F-29A1-4796-A62E-1F5E2A1C1EFD.jpg

The Man Who Wanted Eternity (translated)
 photo F91BBFD1-7679-425D-8960-BCAC80AF0F9C.jpg
 photo 81886E70-92A6-4C8A-AB22-1F08D70F21E8.jpg

The rowing scene always makes me cringe
 photo 8734BC20-B553-4CD1-89D4-6BA8F742E20F.jpg

Arcane and Swampy re-create the creation of Adam
 photo FD68E9E1-D5B6-4C4C-98D5-8923184C22B5.jpg
 photo 7CA933A2-4237-49B8-B7F1-D28FCDB173E3.jpg

Back cover
 photo D9BACF77-0ACA-47EB-970D-DCCF3F6DF556.jpg


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