La Tragique Odyssee de la Creature du Maraîs

La Tragique Odyssee de la Creature du Maraîs (1982)

I’ve been finding a lot of great French editions lately. The relatively inexpensive French shipping rates are a bonus. I’d like to order more Spanish editions but postage is quite expensive. This book collects Swamp Thing #1-5 along with some great House of Secrets stories.

Tragic Odyssey is a fitting description for Swampy’s first series.
 photo B29BBD7E-1A6D-424C-9032-4D746841BBCE.jpg

Title page/inside cover
 photo 22B70735-C637-401C-A606-7EBC0B5192A8.jpg

Swamp Thing #1 “Dark Genesis” (Series 1) November 1972
I know my translating won’t be dead on but here goes nothing…
<<Born of the Mud>>
 photo A6583BE3-6631-40EC-9F93-DBE0F8D8F436.jpg

Swamp Thing #2 “The Man Who Wanted Forever” (Series 1) January 1973
<<The Man Who Wanted Eternity>>
 photo C6294895-6A6B-44BB-864A-88D5C87941A0.jpg

<<The Man Who Bought Death>>
 photo BA16440E-3677-4953-BDF3-6F22DF46D149.jpg

<<The Mutilated Ghost>>
 photo B2F1F2B8-4F6D-4C1B-B85E-CEF9F2AE0F70.jpg

Swamp Thing #3 “The Patchwork Man” (Series 1) March 1973
<<The Battle of Demons>>
 photo 83FC7BB3-A679-4CDD-98B9-B7C18FBC7E71.jpg

<<A Repugnant Character>>
 photo 1DC57DB2-1CF2-412D-A6DF-AF3BBD927A94.jpg

Swamp Thing #4 “Monster on the Moors” (Series 1) May 1973
<<The Monster of the Land>>
 photo 15DDDDA8-4104-473A-A5A9-7FA7AA6B753F.jpg

<<Last Tango in Hell>>
 photo 34FBF720-4658-4264-97EA-4C99EF406185.jpg

Back cover
 photo F3E7A121-CF70-411C-BB2A-3A8C44A2700D.jpg


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