Swamp Thing Halloween Costume (1990)

Great balls of fire, I found it!
I’ve been looking for this costume for a while now. I’ve had collectors helping me and I’ve only seen one other, at Plaid Stallions. Not to say that there aren’t more out there, I just haven’t come across any. After looking far and wide for a few years, I found it on ebay. Funny enough, the costume was merely 3 hours from where I live. It worked out pretty well.

The costume was released in conjunction with the Swamp Thing animated series.
 photo A7687FDC-03FD-4D55-955E-6F1DB7214C0D.jpg

The mask is pretty easy to come by. There are a few on etsy in great condition. The mask that came with this costume was crushed (which I knew when purchasing) but I’ve had a duplicate mask ready for when I finally come across the clothing portion of the costume, I could complete the set. Below is the duplicate that I picked up a couple years ago. The design is quite odd and doesn’t resemble the cartoon or the comic book.
 photo 9355E096-90F1-471C-B664-756A062DB4CA.jpg

This is one of my Swamp Thing grail pieces and I will never be able to wear it, as I am not a youth medium.
 photo A4C5D9A7-BA85-421F-AA9B-21301517792D.jpg

The fabric is very delicate (cheap) and I am very happy with the condition that it’s in. I don’t believe it was ever worn.
 photo 3E8B3D43-4439-441E-A9C0-958D23E5C20E.jpg


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