La Creature du Marais Album No. 2

La Creature du Marais Album No. 2 (1983)
This non-US edition collects the Saga of the Swamp Thing #5, 6 and 7. The publisher compiled the three issues together without cover pages or a clear indication as to where one issue ends and others begin. Of course, if you’ve read these issues before it is clear where the transitions occur. Still, it is a little confusing.


<> (inside cover)

The Saga of the Swamp Thing #5
Screams of Hungry Flesh

I love the guy holding the straight jacket with the hope to simply corral Swamp Thing into submission.

The Saga of the Swamp Thing #6
Sins of the Water

With an odd choice to omit certain panels, the book transitions into
Swamp Thing #7
I have Seen the Splintered Timbers of a Hundred Shattered Hulls

The book features a Phantom Stranger short as well, much like the early Saga of the Swamp Thing issues.

The book also features some great House of Mystery stories.
Below are some of my favorites.
The Calendar Man! from House of Mystery #266 (1979)

The Perfect Host from House of Mystery #265 (1979)

Illegal Procedure from House of Mystery #265 (1979)
Written by Michael Uslan who went on to produce Batman and Swamp Thing (film and tv)

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