Wasteland 5

Wasteland 5 (1988)
This Time We Win!; Under The Lash; Big Crossover Issue

This issue of Wasteland features a fun Swamp Thing parody.

This Time we Win!
No one actually wins. An interesting twist on the Vietnam war except it isn’t Vietnam and it didn’t really happen.

Under the Lash features a murdering psycho and an anti-gravity machine.

Big Crossover Issue
Del Close and John Ostrander find themselves trying to come up with a story to meet their deadline and all they can think of is a crossover issue. Swamp Thing makes a walk-through appearance and provides a hallucinogenic tuber to keep things moving.

Swamp Thing is capable of growing butt flowers. That should be classified as a special power/ability.

Let the trip begin!
The story also features appearances by Batman, Wonder Woman and Dr Fate,

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