Wasteland 5

Wasteland 5 (1988)
This Time We Win!; Under The Lash; Big Crossover Issue

This issue of Wasteland features a fun Swamp Thing parody.
 photo 478522BB-BA19-4B66-8101-04A4CBEDB3A9.jpg

This Time we Win!
No one actually wins. An interesting twist on the Vietnam war except it isn’t Vietnam and it didn’t really happen.
 photo EC843748-BCF1-4C66-A484-A4C219EAD8AD.jpg

Under the Lash features a murdering psycho and an anti-gravity machine.
 photo BFD19E48-31B7-4EBD-B8D2-A83820BED83F.jpg

Big Crossover Issue
Del Close and John Ostrander find themselves trying to come up with a story to meet their deadline and all they can think of is a crossover issue. Swamp Thing makes a walk-through appearance and provides a hallucinogenic tuber to keep things moving.
 photo 39939721-725B-42D6-9490-D73B983B367C.jpg
 photo 81EA540E-93F4-45C2-A63E-D5528CD3AE16.jpg

Swamp Thing is capable of growing butt flowers. That should be classified as a special power/ability.
 photo 1460729D-7408-40C9-92EA-64AD59AED243.jpg

Let the trip begin!
The story also features appearances by Batman, Wonder Woman and Dr Fate,
 photo 6B17E25A-FF7C-4CAD-89DE-1488C7FBC37E.jpg


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