Boris the Bear #5

Boris the Bear #5 (1986)
Where Swamp Thing is an elemental of comic books and is made up of discarded issues.
1D5FD3AA-90CD-49DB-AAD2-0304666EB2ED (1).JPG

Boris is rudely awakened by Dump Thing, who only wants a little face time.
68A07E73-DFB6-4F83-9421-82A95F125FA1 (1).JPG

There’s some fun dialogue regarding Alan Moore hype and the status of comics at the time.

Swamp Thing being made up of comics is a great idea. I wonder if Dump Thing inspired Charles Soule’s Swamp Thing 40 (2015). I doubt it

E1CE3025-194E-4A60-B2A5-D4B568958538 (1).JPG
F414655E-3B50-4DC1-94B7-68C771618286 (1).JPG

Dump Thing takes the form of Darth Vader; pretty cool
3B8BDFD2-8148-4432-B76F-9233759FB1FC (1).JPG

Boris convinces Dump Thing to read himself, sparing him from having to read horrible comics and maybe allowing him to get some shut eye.

Like the Ark at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dump Thing is securely packed away and left to be discovered one day, increasing in value.

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