Comic Book Artists

Comics Values Monthly Presents: Comic Book Artists (1993)
 photo 0F996268-0ED1-4748-81AE-06D3D02BDB54.jpg
While at my lcs (Rainbow Comics) this past weekend, comic guru and Swamp Thing friend, John Nordstrom recommended this great book. Yes, an update is overdue by twenty-two years but the book is still a valuable reference tool. It features 150 comic greats, including their bios, influences and featured work.

 photo BF39D2B6-6775-40CF-8202-295960F70F7A.jpg
I love lists and I’m excited to finish reading the book. Of course I thumbed immediately to Wrightson when the book arrived in the mail.

 photo 640F48C8-6477-4762-A03B-176E33F62C9D.jpg

Back cover
 photo 2392A200-CCB1-4265-BEC4-44C1B8C61BA0.jpg


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