Basically Strange 1

Basically Strange 1 (1982)
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Basically Strange never made it to issue two, oddly enough. The short lived magazine is packed full of great comic strips and a few decent articles.
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Page 22 features a Swamp Thing movie review; a very dismal Swampy review.
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The Swamp Thing movies and tv shows hold a special place in my heart. They are as goofy as they are wonderful and when it comes to Swampy, I typically have blinders on. That being said, it comes as no surprise that I think this author is going a little overboard.
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“… a basketball player in a moldy wet suit doing Johnny Carson imitations!”
I can’t say that I picked up on the Johnny Carson undertones from Durock’s performance.

The one great thing about the review is the Author’s note at the end of the article. It’s interesting to note that the author saw the movie before the final edit, suit flaws and all. While filming the movie, numerous problems arose in regards to the suit. The ph levels and acidity of the swamp waters ate away at Durock’s suit forcing the costume department to make due with duct tape. After filming, rotoscoping was utilized to mask out holes in the suit as well as other flaws. These edits can clearly be seen in the movie.

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