DC Spotlight 1

DC Spotlight 1 (1985)
This DC promo comic was a doozy to track down in decent condition and at a reasonable price. The book features “This is the toughest project I’ve ever done”, an article by Marv Wolfman regarding Crisis on Infinite Earths. It also includes a one page Watchmen essay by Alan Moore.
 photo 94D2E715-BDC2-4767-9A2C-942856C23FEE.jpg

The book celebrates 50 years of DC greatness and features a Swamp Thing cameo on the back cover. Swampy looks as if he is in distress over the butt in front of him; or maybe the odd composition choice regarding the placement of his hand.
 photo 992A90A3-F220-4442-A253-7AC8047DA3D8.jpg
 photo 9D0A7D1D-08C3-45A7-9D73-7634577E43AB.jpg
Either way, everyone is having a great time except for Darkseid who is getting it in the eye from Blue Devil
 photo ABE75901-5B6E-4E0E-9BA1-8F9A86C86DE2.jpg

inside is a brief article on Swamp Thing including some insight from Alan Moore.
 photo 13135352-B84D-443C-AB62-73FE0D82E040.jpg
 photo 846A9F12-241E-4D86-A012-C19BB2ECDD4E.jpg


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